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In the course of our work, we've many times made tools that others find useful. Unfortunately, it's extremely hard and time-consuming to transform these into actual "publishable" software. Here is a list of some of the software and/or hardware we make available.




Harshlight is a Bioconductor package to find and excise physical blemishes from collections of Affy microarrays. Official site here.


Reassigned spectrograms (Sparse time-frequency representations)

Many people have asked me for code to generate reassigned spectrograms, as shown in our PNAS paper.

There is a great open-source library written by Dan Meliza, libtfr - fast multi-taper and reassigned spectrograms

Tim Gardner has published some code. I wrote a time scanline method which is available here.


High Channel Count Electrophysiology: 128-channel preamplifier/digitizer with USB interface.

We have just created an Open Hardware project to develop a 128-channel amp/adc for use in ECoG. The official site. This is a collaboration with the ICTP Microprocessor lab and other friends.

The system takes 128 channels from ECoG electrodes and digitizes them at 18 bits and up to 25kHz. The system connects to the computer via high-speed USB2.0. We expect to be able to make these at about 5000$.

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