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Research Lines in the Laboratory

Folder Supplementary Materials
Supplementary Materials to Papers
Folder Dolphin communication
Studies of dolphin communication in the wild and in captivity. We collaborate very closely with Diana Reiss' lab at Hunter College, and in partnership with two major institutions, the National Aquarium (in Baltimore) and the Oceanic Society (through their Belize field station).
Folder Auditory Physiology
Folder Computational Neuroscience
Folder Molecular Biophysics
Folder Complex Networks
We have recently worked on two families of complex networks: the self-tuned critical networks, and the optimal transport networks. These two address almost orthogonal issues of importance in biology.
Folder History of Astronomy
We have dabbled in some issues related to history of Science, in particular about the birth of astronomical ideas.
Folder Stochastic Dynamics
Much of the dynamics seen in living beings is stochastic, being driven by or influenced by noise. We've studied many examples, from the stochastic motion of motor proteins such as kinesin or myosin, to the influence of electrical membrane noise in the firing of neural action potentials.
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