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Vascular Reconstruction Example

Using equipment of my own design, we serial sectioned a lobe of rat liver that had been perfused with fluorescent beads. After a slice was taken, the remaining tissue was imaged, a process known as blockface cryotomy. These images were then filtered, segmented, and turned into a 3-dimensional object, comprising all of the vasculature that had been labeled in the liver. A voxel was given a value of "1" if it corresponded to vasculature and "0" if it did not. Here, we take an arbitrary slice through the center of the liver and project it in two dimensions. Brighter pixels represent columns of voxels that contain more vasculature. We are able to use images like these to reconstruct and skeletonize the entire vascular network of a lobe of rat liver, above the level of the capillaries. Each pixel is 5 microns on the side.

LiverBeautiful.png — PNG image, 44Kb

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