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Summer interns in the Magnasco Lab

High School and Undergraduate interns.

Rockefeller University supports summer internships in its research laboratories through two prestigious and highly competitive programs: Science Outreach, for high-school students, and SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows). Students who are accepted to either of these two programs may apply to come to our lab.

Student volunteers who are not admitted through these programs may be accepted to the lab as plain volunteers. However, the Laboratory is not prepared to (a) offer stipends directly to students, or (b) sponsor visas for foreign students. Please do not ask us, we have already tried and failed.

We are proud that many students in these programs have won prestigious prizes, awards, publications, etc. Please see at the end.

We list the participants in the last few years:


Summer 2011:

Julia Bernstein, Kshitij Bhuyar, Hannah Blumberg, Frank Hernandez, Jessica Maghakian, Sophia Wilanski. Projects to be assigned.


Summer 2010:

Jessica Maghakian (statistical analysis of ancient texts)

Oriol Pich (blind deconvolution algorithms in electrophysiology)

Daniel Pollack (fluid transport in leaves)

David Sakyi (structure of the mammalian liver)


Summer high-school interns who won competitions:


STUDENTS                                               INSTITUTION                               (SEE LEGEND)


Alexander Dubbs                                        Horace Mann/ Harvard                    I, SF


Sam Cross (2002-03)                                  Stuyvesant HS/ Harvard                  R, I, SF


Daniel Leeds (1999-01)                              Hunter College HS/ MIT                 R, MM, HTI, I, SF

Ezra Rapoport (2000-01)                            Horace Mann HS/  Harvard            R, I, SF, ISEF, NYSF


Chung Kit Chan                                          Stuyvesant HS/ MIT                        S, SF

Jimmy Cheung                                            Stuyvesant HS/ MIT                        NIH, I, SF

Evan Fink                                                    Stuyvesant HS/ MIT                        I, SF

Aleksey Golovinsky                                     Stuyvesant HS/ MIT                        S, SF

Raymond Raad (1999-01)                           Stuyvesant HS/ MIT                        R, MM, HTI, S, SF, SURF


I = Intel Science Talent Search

S = Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Science, Math, and Technology 

ISEF = Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

SF = Semi Finalist 

F = Finalist

NYSF = New York Science Fair Winner 

SURF = Returning Student as Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

NIH = Funded by the National Institutes of Health 

HTI = Funded by Hebrew Technical Institute

MM = Marie Markus Foundation

R = The student participated in the program for multiple years. Example: 1999-01.

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