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How to get here

Quick guide for visitors on how to arrive to Magnasco's office in the River Building, KRB 1N-120

 WARNING: the lab has moved including all offices to the new River Building! 

We are on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on York Avenue between 63 and 68. Nearest subways are a bit ways off on Lexington, the yellow line on 63, the green line on 68.

To come to Magnasco's office, you need to show up at the front gate of the University on 66th Street and York Avenue. There is a security guard there. If you are stopped or if you an unsure of how to proceed, you will be asked by the guard to call. Magnasco's office is x8542. 

To get to the KRB building from the guard: 

Walk up the hill to the second (last) marble pathway, make a LEFT, walk 200 ft till you see a glass building on your right, whose entranceway is marked Collaborative Research Building (CRC). (If you get lost ask for directions to CRC). 

Go into CRC. You will see mango-colored walls, and a huge stairway. Take the stairway DOWN. 

You'll be in a large circular space. Behind you there's cedar walls of the Carlson Family Auditorium. Walk straight east, past the elevator banks, through a bridge between plants in an enclosed garden, and keep going east until you see the river. If you see doors marked "Construction site only" do not mind that, keep going until you see the East River. 

Then make a right. We're the first and only lab in the entire wing. Hard to miss. 


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