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MRB2012 materials

Lecture notes, source code, etc.

 To procure and install Python, go get the Enthought Python Distribution.

 The regurgitated lecture notes are here. These are the old lecture notes, un-updated, obviously, since we haven't gone through the lectures yet.

Sept 13. Organizational Meeting and First Lecture

We indeed met, there was quite a bit of people. We went through the basics. We dispatched the section 1 of the regurgitated lecture notes, and to top if off we used the last 30 minutes to discuss the proof of the Euler theorem.

Only homework assigned had been to solve x = (ay + b)/(cy + d) for y.

To reinforce this section, we should do as homework: Larson and Edwards, odd exercises 17-25, 37-45, 75-85, and then solve #87 with a calculator or the iPython shell.

Sept 18. Derivatives and their properties.


  • LE chapter 2 odd exercises 7-13, 21-31, and 55-67 (if we get to chain rule and product rule)
  • perform the plots 21-24 using Python.



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