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ICTP FPGA Worshop, Havana, Cuba, 2012

Lecture notes from the Joint ICTP-TWAS Latin-American Advanced Course on FPGA: Design for Scientific Instrumentation, held Nov 20-Dec 7 in Havana, Cuba, at the CEADEN and UCI.

Image Class Photo
Folder 3 Simple Python Demos
The 3 little programs in Python I demo'ed at the lecture.
Folder Sound surrogation: Phases or Amplitudes?
I demo'ed two distinct surrogates, one which destroys all amplitudes rendering the spectrum white, and one that faithfully preserves the spectrum but destroys all phases. Source code and source test sound.
File ICTP 2012 Auditory lecture notes.pptx.pdf
File ICTP 2012 Lecture 2.pptx.pdf
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