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reading list

Suggested reading and textbooks.


Note: I do not post the pdf of the papers directly because this page is open to the outside. I thus point to the journals which you'll be able to download if you are on campus. 


General References

  1. Introductory Graph Theory by Gary Chartrand, published by Dover, is a steal at 15 bucks.
  2. Schaum's Outline on Graph Theory, by Balakrishnan, is also a steal. I will be assigning some homework from this one. 
  3. Strogatz SH, Exploring Complex Networks, Nature 410, 2680276, 2001, will be assigned reading after class 1. 


Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, PCA, etc:

  1. Schaum's Outline on Linear Algebra.
  2. Sirovich L, PNAS 2003, A pattern analysis of the second Rehnquist US Supreme Court is a brilliant introduction to PCA.




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