Guest Book

This example shows how to create a simple guest book.

The guest book stores its entries as file objects in the Entries folder. This page displays the entries by looping over a sorted list of entries and displaying each one. The list of entries is created by the getEntries script. The formatEntry script formats each guest book entry. To remove an entry, remove its file from the Entries folder. An alternate version of this application could use ZSQL Methods to store guest book entries in a relational database.

The addEntry.html template provides a form that allows you to sign the guest book. The form is processed by the addEntry script. The addEntry script stores the entry as a file. Adding files is protected by the "Add Documents, Images and Files" permission; if you want anonymous users to sign the guest book, you could visit the 'Security' tab of the addEntry script, and give it the "Manager" proxy role.

Sign the guest book


By Amos
This is an example comment. It can contain multiple lines of text.

Note that you <blink>cannot</blink> include HTML in your comments,
since the HTML is quoted.

This guest book entry is stored in a file named entry_0 in the Entries
folder. To edit the entry, simple edit that file. You can also delete
an entry by deleting its file.